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FULLER curated

Jan 8, 2019

James Krabill, senior mission advocate of the Mennonite Mission Network, explores historic approaches of Western missionaries to indigenous art and culture, the emergence of vibrant indigenous faith communities, and how churches today have responded to these complex issues.

The Fuller Missiology Lectures is an annual conference held by the School of Intercultural Studies. Its 2018 theme, “Global Arts and Witness in Multifaith Contexts,” explored the role of the arts—song, dance, drama, narratives, and visual arts—as a means for cross-cultural understanding and new opportunities for Christian witness in multifaith contexts. The conference was hosted by Roberta R. King, Professor of Communication and Ethnomusicology; William A. Dyrness, Senior Professor of Theology and Culture and Dean Emeritus; and Amos Yong, Professor of Theology and Mission and Director of the Center for Missiological Research.

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